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 Tensa leafe ninja creation

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tensa leafe

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PostSubject: Tensa leafe ninja creation   Fri Mar 12, 2010 5:12 pm

Village Ninja Application:
General Information
Name: Leafe,Tensa Alias:Fuuta
Age: 15
Village: Leaf Village
Looks: Tensa has brown hair, at a short length of 6-7 in roughly to her shoulders. She has green eyes, that show a sort of pain but a gentle feel. Light skinned but not pale,about 5'5". She wears a thread net around her torso over a gray thin shirt. Tensa wears a short skirt and gray leggings under. she has open toed-boots that go up to about her shins.
Personality: Tensa is quiet and a serious person, she doesn't take well to newcomers, and often works alone. though young she is talented and has no problems with b-rank missions on her own. tensa is calm and collected, a strategist. she plans out what she will do to take the upper hand in battle, to overcome her opponents, she transfers chakra to her eyes which allows her to see the enemy's remaining chakra, this ability is unique to her and her alone. she does not let the hassle of a mission get in the way of her objective, she works solely to become a great ninja, for her parents and her early comrads.
Character's Suberobjective: Tensa does not look at the future, she percieves the present and that is all. " having a dream, only to die, before we reach it, it's foolish!!!, i simply go with the flow of the river, adapt. A hawk will not swoop down on it's prey unless its means are to kill it, i need not worry about when i'm hungry two weeks from now, only the hunger that instills me this instant."
Clan Information (no clan)
Clan Name: (none)
Kekkai Genkai: Fighting Styles/Elements
Character Element:
Main:Tensa's main element is wind
Sub: water
Main Jutsu Type:Tensa is skilled in Taijutsu,Genjutsu,Ninjutsu & she carries a sword when she goes on missions.( Along with a few other essentials such as shuriken and kunai)

Background: When Tensa was born she was put up for adoption, and does not know her real family. At a very young age the caretakers saw potential in her. she was enrolled in the ninja acedemy, and graduated two years ahead of her class,. She'd often trained with the chuunin of konoha, though often cast down because she was only a genin, within the shadows they knew she could beat them. She never used not having parents as an excuse when she failed at something she used it as inspiration to find them and become a better ninja than they. One day the hokage had a proposition for her, if she could assemble a team to go and patrol the outskirts of the village for 15 hours then she would be recommended for the chuunin exams. Tensa refused the offer not out of stubborness but she believed that she was ready for a mission to go on alone. The Hokage denied this request and sent tensa away. A few weeks later Tensa was introduced to her Jounin sensei Orina and her two new comrades Kiza a talented ninjustu-est and Ophelia a cute, joyous, kunoichi but a brute on the battlefield and though just genin, already known for her excelling taijutsu. With Tensa as the third member of the squad they were known as the "killer kunoichi". the three genin would often go on missions with their jounin trailing behind, if they ever ran into any trouble they had a gen-jutsu barrier cover almost undetectable, so any enemies were instantly put under once attacked. Tensa loved her teacher and begged her to teach her the jutsu and so she did, only after the second time of trying the jutsu did Tensa learn it. Only three short months after, Orina recommended the killer kunoichi for the chuunin exams. During the chuunin exams the newly learned jutsu came in handy for the final round was a breeze. It wasn't only for 24 hours before Tensa's world would be turned upside down.
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Shadow Nakamura


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PostSubject: Re: Tensa leafe ninja creation   Sat Mar 13, 2010 6:08 pm

sorry if i am spaming but the leaf village is no more
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Tensa leafe ninja creation
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