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 Hikari Kaiser

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PostSubject: Hikari Kaiser   Sun Mar 07, 2010 1:51 am

Name: Hikari Kaiser

Alias: Manipulator of Ten thousand papers

Rank: Jounin

Age: 16

Village: Tsuki no Sato



Kaiser Hikari is a cheerful lad who enjoys particularly anything he does. He's good at comforting friends and is often regarded by the villagers as someone too soft and gentle. Unlike most ninja, he doesn't take the path of shinobi seriously and prefers to enjoy himself. He dislikes missions, but is always active when it comes to challenges and spars.

Character's Super objective: To find his missing brother.

Clan Name: Hikari

Kekkai Genkai:

Hikari Clan (mother side) - The Forbidden Eyes Level 3
Souichirou Family (father side) - Paper Manipulation

Clan History: See Hikari Clan

Character Element:

Main: Paper

Sub: Earth

Main Jutsu Type: Ninjutsu primary, Genjutsu secondary


Pre-academy life

Sixteen years ago, a male child-prodigy of the Hikari Clan was born. His name is Kaiser, a natural genius who, because of his above average intelligence quotient, was able to inherit both her parents' bloodline: his mother's Forbidden Eyes, and his father's ability to manipulate paper. He has 2 older brothers, Kaito and Kanji respectively. Basically, the main element of Kaito is wind and Kanji was fire.

He grew up as a nice young boy, with fierce-red hair and azure-blue eyes. He was very close with his siblings, training with them and sometimes doing pranks with the villagers. Even before his academy life, he had already knew most of the students and teachers in the school since he always sneak inside to peak on what his older brothers were up to. And since he was so eager to enter the academy, his parents decided to enroll him in the academy at the age of 8, although they weren't sure whether he would pass the entrance exam or not. With his gifted intelligence, he aced the exam, tying with another child-prodigy, Hikari Hina.

Academy Student Story

Entering the academy at the age of 8, he was treated as the youngest person to enter the academy that year, but he wasn't really happy of it. Hina, who was the same age as him, was already genin. Nevertheless, he was one of the best in the academy during his academy student life. Although he never took it seriously, he always aces the exams and tests, even practical exams. During this time, he had very little control to Paper Manipulation, but he kept practicing to improve since he and the rest of the clan thought it was the only bloodline he has. He was weak with taijutsu, but is far better in ninjutsu and genjutsu compared to other academy students.

When the genin exam was held, he was never prepared. He didn't know what the tests would be, nor what kind of practicals will be included. He didn't even know the date of the exam. He only knew that there was a genin exam at the very day of the exam. He shrugged though, and took things like he always do: "If I'll fail, then I'll fail.” However, being born in the clan of Hikari, trained by his family, and a natural born talented lad, he passed the exam with ease, an accomplishment in which Hina herself didn't achieve. Hina was perfectly prepared for the exam, unlike him. And he used this as a motivation: he's more intelligent than Hina if only he takes things seriously.

Genin Arc

Graduating at the academy at the age of 10, he was teamed up with a four man cell. Kano (meaning, God of the waters) was their current sensei, he’s a jounin of the village, and specialized in using water techniques. Azarni (a thistle flower) was the only girl in the team, beautiful and graceful woman, she doesn’t talk much unlike Kaiser who is hyperactive, and her element was wind. Last but not the least Raidon (Thunder God), he’s weird in some other way, and Lightning was his element.

During their training, Kaiser was able to learn his new unique ability, his ability was excellent calculation. Using this ability, he was able to calculate the incoming attacks at him and thus, enabling him to dodge it without a sweat. Let’s say for example, an enemy threw 3 kunais at him. Using his ability, he will calculate its speed, where it might land, the size, mass, the angle or position, and the probability & chance. They all grew as a nice student to Kano and they all work as a team. Their teamwork is what made them strong and dependable. During their growing stage, He learned how to focus his chakra into his papers, since most of the time papers can be burned or get wet easily. By covering the paper with his chakra, making it unburnable or getting drenched in water, it as hard as a steal.

The chuunin exam came so fast, so fast that all students can’t believe that it’s already there. As usual, Kaiser didn’t know that it’s the chuunin exam already, happy go lucky was his style. He came in the exam unprepared and had no idea what’s going on. His teammates came prepared and organized their battle position. Unlike the genin exam, this exam was really hard to the point that, some students were getting killed in just a single fight. His first opponent was quite easy for him, he beat his opponent using tactical attacks. Unlike his first opponent, the second was quite hard. Still, he now beat his opponent using lots of chakra. The last opponent came, this one is far better than the previous two he fought earlier. Running out of chakra and getting beaten up hardly, he is now in losing condition. He gave everything he got, fought honorably, and finally he won. It was like a miracle, it’s not that much of a miracle because after the fight, the following day he’s right arm was paralyzed and must wait few months before he can get out of the hospital.

Chuunin life

Few months later, Kaiser was able to get out of the hospital and was able to start his new life. For him chunnin life was hard, every now and then you’ve got missions to complete, some are hard others were easy. Though it wasn’t easy for him, still, he’s glad that it was the path he takes. “…Never regret but always proud” those were always his words when he think about it. He’s friends and families were happy that they even held a party for him. That day was one of his happiest day of course everyone was happy, until the following days came. The following day, they received news that his eldest brother Kanji was sent to a dangerous mission. It was an order so you can’t decline it, everyone was worried especially his mother.

The day after tomorrow they received another news, not just any news a terrifying one. Their first expression was shocked, and sad. The letter says that the group of Kanji was ambushed, all his teammates were dead and they didn’t find Kanji’s body and was now missing. Kaiser gave all his anger through the missions he’s receiving from the Kage. Many years has past and still no sign of Kanji, many people considered him dead, and was killed in action. Kaiser has now moved on and goes back to his old self, the happy go lucky. His aim now was to find his missing brother dead or alive.
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PostSubject: Re: Hikari Kaiser   Sun Mar 07, 2010 8:03 am

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Hikari Kaiser
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