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 Solar Eclipse Law

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Yahiko Buki

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PostSubject: Solar Eclipse Law   Tue Mar 02, 2010 4:34 pm

General Site Rules

These are the General rules of the site. This may include but is not limited to rules on Characters, topics and any other site related matters. If there is a rule that you think should be on here and is not, Check other topics just to make sure you didn't overlook something. If it's still not there, please post it in the Suggestions area of the forum.

There is no excuse for anyone to not follow these rules, they are here for everyone to read.

  1. Diversity: Solar Eclipse will take no part in targeting somebody's personal life and any members caught doing so will be strictly punished. Ageism, Racism, Sexism, Homophobia, Xenophobia or any other form of discrimination is highly forbidden and members with any of the problems above are advised to leave the forum of keep it to themselves. Nobody shall be discriminated against because of their race, age, gender or whether they are homosexual, bisexual or heterosexual.
  2. Spam: No longer is spam permitted on Solar Eclipse, not only does it slow down the forum but it distracts the majority of you from actually putting in the effort to roleplay. The Social Area will be monitored and spam will be deleted and users will be warned. Old topics will be deleted to ensure cleanliness.
  3. Respect: Not only do the staff members deserve the utmost respect, but so does every other member who can manage to treat you with the same courtesy. Sometimes disrespect may be caused by accident, so to avoid doing this avoid talking about touchy subjects such as terminal illnesses, suicide, politics, religion etc.
  4. Harassment: Harassment is something the staff will not take lightly, if we see a member or a group harassing or singling out another member multiple times severe actions will be taken. However this is not the only form of harassment that we are against. Harassing the moderators and administrators to check your applications or topics over and over again will be punished by us possibly ignoring it or even a temporary chatbox ban. Please be understanding that the staff have lives too and when they get online they are usually extremely busy, your stuff will be gotten to soon enough, only ask once or twice.
  5. Double Posting: Another form of spam, make sure you avoid double posting unless absolutely needed. It's best just to edit your original post above and inform the member base you have done so with a little note attached saying you have made an edit.
  6. Multiple Accounts: Each user should have one and only one account. If you have brothers or sisters using the same computer or internet connection please inform the admin once you register. If you fail you inform the administrator then you risk your accounts being banned without warning.
  7. Signatures: Signatures now have a approximate size limit. Any member with signatures that stretch the forum out to the sides or are too large themselves will be asked to remove it. Even if it doesn't stretch the page and a staff member finds it too large you will be asked to remove it. You may only have one image in your signature, any other images may be posted in a spoiler, but if they also stretch the forum they will be removed. All signatures must also have a clean link to the users application.
  8. Account Sharing: Sharing accounts is strictly forbidden, this also goes for giving your account away. Your roleplay sample often determines whether you are fit for a rank or not and the new receiver of the account might not be up to the challenge of matching your roleplay quality and quantity, so please avoid account sharing or giving.
  9. Avoiding Punishment: Avoiding punishment will be of course, punished with extra punishment. If you are chat banned and are caught making a second account so you can enter the chatbox, your chatban will be extended and your second account will be deleted. If you continue to avoid punishment permanent bans will be dished out. Another way to avoid punishment is to have certain symbols in your name because for some reason Forum Motion cannot ban members will certain signs. No "+" signs are permitted in a username.
  10. Plagiarism: Everything on Ultimate Shinobi is either property of a member who created it or the site itself or property of Naruto. Stealing custom made things made from members is restricted, you must ask a member for permission before using anything that belongs to them. Another form of plagiarism is pretending to be somebody your not, whether its pretending to be a staff member or using a name of another member from a different forum and pretending to be them here.
  11. Swearing: Swearing is moderately permitted though we suggest you avoid it. We would prefer to hear it in character if anywhere, as long as it's not to intense. Using foul language to make a member feel bad about themselves or to attack them in the chatbox, via PM or in the social area will be severely punished.

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Yahiko Buki

Posts : 147
Join date : 2010-03-02
Village : Anti-Tsuki no Sato
Rank : Jounin {Hidden Missin-Nin}

PostSubject: Re: Solar Eclipse Law   Tue Mar 02, 2010 7:39 pm

These are the General rules of the site. This may include but is not limited to rules on Characters, topics and any other site related matters. If there is a rule that you think should be on here and is not, Check other topics just to make sure you didn't overlook something. If it's still not there, please post it in the Suggestions area of the forum.

There is no excuse for anyone to not follow these rules, they are here for everyone to read.

Account & Account Conduct

1. - Please do not make more then 2 accounts so that you may gain another character, or in any way try and fool other members. We do not allow this, and we are very strict about it. You have the possibility of main character and if you furfill the requirements a second one but that’s it
2. - Typically, you should use a character's name for your account/username and not your normal name, however this isn't really a must. Using your characters name for your username makes it easier for your peers to determine the name of your character.
3. - Do not lie and claim to be another user. This includes using someone's unique username from another forum and claiming that you are them. Out of courtesy to the rest of the members please avoid that.
4. - Don't share accounts with friends or family members. If one of you wants the account and doesn't want the other to have it anymore then that's just bringing us into things when we don't want to be. It's also unfair if you get yourself banned and the other person has to face the same consequence.
5. - Do not share characters, same concept as above. We do not want to be responsible of settling petty arguments about who gets what.
6. - Do not "give away" your account to a friend. Ranks are earned by showing a Role Play sample. If you give your account to someone that isn't at your level of Role Playing then that means we have a newbie potentially getting a free high rank character.
7. - Never give out your account password. Keep it to yourself and report anyone that asks you for it. An Administrator or Moderator will never ask you for it for any reason at all. We would never need it.
8. - Do not use any offensive words for your username. If you do, said account will be deleted and you will possibly be banned.
9 - You must include a link to your character app in your signature following its approval. For instructions on how to do this please click here - How to add a link to your character app to your signature. Please note that you must set signature's to be displayed as well.
10. - No + signs are allowed in the account/username, because it glitches the forum and screws with certain permissions, do not ask why this is a rule, there are reasons. Moderators and Administrators are exceptions with this rule. No @ signs either because it mistakes people for staff members.

Character & Jutsu

1. - It's obvious that some ranks are going to allow you to have a character stronger than others, but please do not try and abuse that. We don't have time to be telling you what is too powerful and what isn't because we know that in most cases you more than likely already know.
2. - Please go by the correct ranks when making Jutsu. For instance, do not post an S ranked technique when you are only a Genin. It's common sense, please don't waste our time.
3. - If you go for a high ranking character and it's still open, you still have to post a detailed application for it. No exceptions.
4. - Your Jutsu must be explained very well, do not post random abilities that has nothing to do with the way the naruto-verse works.
5. - Please read the guides before you create a character, jutsu, pet, summon, etc. They're there so that you may better understand the way the site works, also so we do not have to tell you that you're doing something completely wrong.
6. - Do not try to rip off Cannon techniques that happen to be closed. Meaning, don't post up a technique called "Chisangen" and expect it to be approved.
7. - Please obey the leader of your faction at all time. While being a rebel is cool, it gets rather annoying.
8. - Do not attempt to create a Canon Character. We do not allow them here. Think of this forum as an alternate dimension seperate from the world of the series.
9. - Do not attempt to randomly kill someone that doesn't want to have a deathmatch. You must either get that member's permission to have a death match with them or permission from your Kage or faction leader.
10 - As for Clans, and kekkei genkai, you may not edit a kekkei genkai after it has already been created. This includes adding stages, transformations, etc. All should be added when the clan is created. You may add jutsu, However, only if they are not directly relative to the KKG, and are simply clan techniques. You may create jutsu that use your kkg's traits, but they cannot be added to the clan pool.

General Posting & Role Play
1. - To make things more organized, when you are role playing with other people please make sure that you come up with a post order and see to it that the post order gets followed. Usually it's the first poster that makes it, but that isn't always the case. Once the post order is figured out, please go by it. If someone skips another persons turn please contact a Moderator and their post will be deleted. post order (definition) - an order set between members to determine who posts when. Usually it goes from the creater of the topic to whomever joined it last.
2. - Please do not spam anywhere other than the Spam Area of the forum. That is the only place where spam is allowed. Spam can even include replies such as 'lol' or 'haha' anything that can be said but does not need to be. This also includes members posting on other member's applications. This is a no, only Moderators and Administrators may post on them. spam (definition) - a useless post that does not need to be posted. This may include random internet lingo such as 'lol', 'lmao' etc. Advertisements unless posted the proper way are also considered spam.
3. - By signing up, and pressing the 'I agree' to our terms of service, you agreed that if a Moderator and/or an Administrator feels it be needed they may delete any post that you make on these forums. This may include anything, even characters. Although they will not delete any posts you make unless they have a good enough reason, you may not argue with them if they do decide to. If a Moderator has deleted a post and you found it unfair, then you may contact an Administrator.
4. - Keep any Role Playing topics PG-13 and under. We do not want to see any topics of cybering. It's sad that this rule even needs to be clarified, but I know if it isn't someone will end up trying it.
5. - Your character must be approved before you can Role Play. This is in general, not just for a specific area.
6. - When sparring, or even in a normal topic, please do not Metagame and/or God Mod. Neither are allowed, and may be cause for severe punishment. God Mod (definition) - Also known as Power Playing, God Moding is known in Text Based Role Playing as automatically dealing and/or dodging hits. It can also be instantly appearing behind an opponent to impale them. There are many different cases. Meta Game (definition) - Taking information learned out of character and applying it to storyline. Saying your character automatically knows things that would be impossible for them to know.
7. - Please, in all of your posts be respectful and polite to others even if they aren't acting the same way. If someone is doing something to anger you, then you should simply report it. Attacking back is only going to get yourself into trouble along with that person.
8. - Character Death. When you purposefully kill your character, as in suicide, you can only create a genin subsequently. An NPC killing you is the same as suicide. There are certain situations that make you exempt from this rule. Such as previous agreements with staff, etc. Staff members alone can choose to exempt someone from this rule, and if a special situation qualifies for exemption. A simple PM to a staff member will do to organise your situation.
9. – Failure to post/act in a thread in which your character is deem to be in ineminent danger or in potentially fatal situation can lead to your character being declared dead. This may occur with 1-2 weeks inactivity in the said thread


1. - Please do not troll, flame, insult etc. other members. We want to keep the chatbox as friendly as possible. If you do, you will be kicked once. If you return and do it again you will be banned for 2 days. If you come back and continue, it will be a permanent ban from the chatbox.
2. - Do not advertise your site on the chatbox. If you do, the chatbox will be cleared and you will be kicked. If you do it again, it will be a two day ban. If you come back and do it at all more, it will be a permanent ban from the chatbox.
3. - Please avoid constantly using foul language. We often do get more younger kids than older, and most of said kids parents wouldn't be happy with them being on a site that allows cursing.
4. - Do not post rude or offensive images in the chatbox. This can cause some people to get angry with you, because it makes things look unorganized and often people don't want to have to scroll up past your image to find earlier conversations. If you want to post images insure you use a spoiler for the benefit of other members.
5. - Avoid using light fonts, especially yellow. You don't want to hurt the other member's eyes because you decide you want to be funny and pick a ridiculous font color.
6. - Political discussion is no longer allowed in the Cbox, it's a quick way to lose friends, and make everyone seem like an ass hole.
7. - You may not post links to applications unless a mod, admin or member requests you to for a legitimate reason

[/size] This concludes the General Rules of the forum. Keep checking back as these rules may be updated and additional rules may be added.
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Solar Eclipse Law
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