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 Nami- missing nin.

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PostSubject: Nami- missing nin.   Sat Mar 06, 2010 3:00 pm

Missing-Nin Application:
General Information
Name: Nami(her last name is unknown)
Alias: "Recarnation" of deidara
Rank: S
Age: 17
Former Village: Taiyou no Sato(village hidden in the sound)
Reasons for Leaving: Being "trapped", in the village since her birth, the feeling of being in the wrong place.
Looks: Avatar/picture below.
Personality: Nami`s mood can change in a instant. She can be friendly and helpfull at one moment, and the next she could be swearing, or trying to attack you. But mostly, she`s a quiet one, her years on the run has made it possibol for her to render over her mood swings, wich had lead to most will find her charming, if she dosent leave or attack them first. Like her great ancestor deidara, she has a habbit from saying "un", in the end of her scentence, why?, she dosent know, she just started it when she turned 4.
Character's Suberobjective: Joinning Anei-Kumo to follow in the steps of her ancester, deidara.

Clan Information
Clan Name: (The name of your clan, should be your last name)
Kekkai Genkai: (Name of the Kekei genkai of your clan, if any. You don't have to put a description of what it does here, put it on your clan application)
Clan History: (The history of your clan, their beliefs, their objectives, etc.)

Fighting Styles/Elements
Character Element:Clay
Main: Clay
Sub: -
[b]Advanced Element:
(A/S Rank Missing-Nin Levels Only. Customs must be approved.)
Main Jutsu Type: Ninjutsu


Befor genin:

They had been travling for weeks. The little family considering of a high-pregnant lady in her middle 40`s with short beach-blond hair tied into a small bun in her neck. She was wearing a loosely-tied kimono, so her little infant didnt get hurt. The kimono was plain white, well it used to be, seeing as it had serval cuts, rips, and stains of all sort of colors, over it. The obi was a robe that looked like it could break in any minut. Her dark blue eyes were dim, her skin was pale, it was clear that she was very sick, and the fact that she could even walk on her own was a miracle.
The 3 other members of the family, didnt look any better. The one who seemend to be doing best, was a young man in his early 20`s. He had a toned-slim body, with a little femine look to it. He was wearing a shirt in pitch black, that surpringly didnt have any stains of dirt, or even cuts on it. His pants was of the same unsual clean state compared to his 3 family members. As his sick pregnant mother, he had beach blond hair, yet his was about waist long, pulled into a high slim ponytail, his eyes being green insteed of blue. But it could be seen he wasent doing the best either. His eyes were abit glazy, his skin paler than any normal human, and his hair flat.

The last 2 of the small company was sun village ninjas, both wearing the village headband, along with ANBU uniforms. They were both male and well fit, not much more could be said about them. It had been 4 days ago that the kage of the sun village, was informed that a family, carring a ancient sacred scroll, containning a forbidden jutsu that once belonged to the former great Rock village. The 2 ANBU`s had been ordered to escort them to the sun village, so that the kage could get more information about them.

Anthoder 3 days passed, befor a young man with long sun-blond hair, entered the village, his entire cloth coverd in blood. In his left hand, he was carring a small girl infant, who was sleeping in what appeard to be a bloody white, outworn kimono. In his other hand, he was holding a scroll. The scroll was ripped at the sides, and the thin black stick it was rolled around, looked like it was very, very, very old.

Genin time:

He was a man with the most books and scrolls in the entire sun village, or so they said. His books contained information about every jutsu known to ham. Every since his great, great, great, great, great, great grandfather, Jaschu, builded this place, his ancestores had been collecting scrolls from all over the five ancient villages.

Samu heard a thud from the front door, followed by a voice saying. "Oto-sama, im home!", came a happy little girl voice, belonging to the 10 year old Nami. It had been 10 years ago, that the kage of the sun village, had asked him to take the little infant under his care. The little girl`s older brother, had died shortly after he had entered the village gates, due to a sickness he had been carring for what seemend months, but the faith of her mother, they had never learnd.

Samu slowy roose from the old chair he always was sitting in. He carefully placed the old book about the first kage of the sun village, onto his desk, and walked out on the main hallway in his mansion. He didnt really like such big houses, but it was needed to store all his books and scrolls. He couldt help but smile over the seitgh that meet him. A 10 year old girl with waistlong sun-blond hair, hanging loose down her body. She was wearing a black yukaka with long sleeves, black gloves, some black ninja shoes, and some light-brown pants that was hugging her legs. Her babyblue eyes was shinning of proudness and joy, as she went up on tip-toes and hugged his waist. "Look oto-sama, look!", she said, pointing to the sun village headband around her neck, indicating she had become a genin of the village.

Nami had been 6 when he told her the secret about the scroll her brother had brought with him. It contained the ancient kin-jutsu from the ancient rock village, the jutsu the mitgthy deidara had used to give him his exstra mouths, and the jutsu`s that followed with. Samu knew the basics of the once great akatsuki members, and when he seached into the brief details the young man had given about nami befor he died, he discorved that Nami`s family, had been the last survivers, who had deidara as their ancestor. They spend serval weeks trying to uncover the ancient writins, that had been worn out dure to all the years it had been exsiting, but finaly, they managed to figure out the jutsu. At first, samu had been unsure, nami was wearing yonug, it could kill her if it was used wrong. But when he looked at the determind eyes of the young girl, he let out a small sigh, for her, it was her goal. Surpringly, the jutsu went without trouble, yet nami had pains in her chest and hands over serval days.

It was at that point, that Nami desided to become as great as her ancestor deidara, learn his ways of battle through the scroll, and carry on her clan.

Chunnin days:

She didnt have long time befor the next ANBU watch`es would come. In the dime light of her candle she had brought with her, a 14 year old Nami was reading a sealed scroll about the Anei-kumo group. Ever since she gained the rank of chunnin, were everyone learnd about her exstra hands, and abilities with clay, she hadent been allowed any mission outside the village, without at least 4 jounins to come along, and it was only a B or C ranked, she wasent allowed on higher, hell, she had even been giving D-ranked missions lately, just because the kage wanted to protect her unique ability. Over the years, Nami had amazingly learnd all the jutsu`s that deidara had managed to create, exsept his sueside jutsu, wich she wasent planning on learning.

"Hey you, what are you doing in here..", came a male voice, along with anthoder candle from behind her. The 2 ANBU`s had returned from their break, and they werent surprised for seeing Nami there, it was the 10 time she had snuck in, befor it was just because she had she had walked wrong..but now, they had finaly caught her, reading a secret scroll no one besides the kage was allowed to touch. " in bad trouble now", the second ANBU said, as he reached down to grab her shoulder. "..dont touch me..", came nami`s cold voice. She unfolded her left hand, were 2 small spiders of clay were. She had been saving them since she came in, because she didnt plan on staying in the village anymore. She threw the 2 spiders at the faces of the ANBU`s, and leaped out of the small hole she had made in the wall, were she got in, in the first place. A large clay bird was resting in the shadows of the kage building, hidden from seitgh. She leaped off the building, and landed onto the clay bird. The flew up from the shadows, and held itself afloat in the air, straigt above the hospital in the sun village. She feelt as her other hand mouth finished molding the clay. She opend her palm, and looked down at the 2 beattles she had made.

Nami stuffed the scroll inside her black back-pack, and sminked as she saw the nurses, doctors, etc and people on the street near the hospital had spottet her. "..For imprising me in this village..not allowing me to reach the higher limits of carry on the great deeds of deidara...let it be known...i hereby...", she said, as the 2 beattles flew from her hand, one flew over the kage buiilding, the other one over the hospital below her. "..sentence you to death..". She formed a single handseal, and the 2 beattles grew to the size of the village gate. Their wings stopped moving, and as they dropped down towards the kage building and the hospital, nami sminked a last time. "..KATSU!", she said with a final handseal...

Current state:

Now, 3 years later, Nami is listed in the bingo book on page 5, as one of the most dangerous ninjas in the village of sun`s history. A bountry on 10 million ryo is set on her head, but she needs to be brougt back alive so they can examine the jutsu, that only works if she`s alive. Nami mostly travels at the areas were members of the Anei-kumo group is said to come often. Nami still keeps her rain of exsplosion and murderes on-going, mostly in broad daylight. She wants the attention, and the higher rank the person she kills is, the better it is. Her journey and dreams about joinning the Anei-Kumo goes on, and if they dont soon find her...she will keep on looking for them.
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PostSubject: Re: Nami- missing nin.   Sat Mar 06, 2010 4:14 pm

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Nami- missing nin.
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