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 The plans for peace turned into war

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Shadow Nakamura


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PostSubject: The plans for peace turned into war   Sat Mar 06, 2010 10:20 am

Shadow was sitting in his office doing paperwork as he sighed as he put some more paper in the approved section he looked out the window the moon was out he smiled he loved looking at the moon it calmed him down when he was angry made him happy when he was sad as he looked back to the pile of work infront of him he sighed once more and saw something "Oh damn." he said as he saw the peace treaty between sun and moon was still here where the old paper for more war between them that the old kage had made was at "OH DAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAMN I SENT THE WRONG PAPER TO SUN VILLAGE!" he yelled getting up and getting his kage rob's off ran out the door to the village gate to be stoped by the chuunin "I dont have time for this." he said knocking the chuunin out and running towards sun village the peace treaty in his pocket as he was stoped by a few bandit's he quicky knocked them all out and killed them as he again started to run again it hit night time the air was cold he stoped in a bar and got a drink to help him continue to run.
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PostSubject: Re: The plans for peace turned into war   Sun Mar 07, 2010 4:52 pm

OOC: Can i join?


Since the time he left the village, a chuunin ninja was following him wherever he goes. Maybe he was just trying to protect their Kage, or just curious what their Kage is up to. Up to the bar he still continued to follow the Kage, he still do has his own purpose. The moon suddenly showed up again, covered by some dark clouds. The breeze blew so cold and made the trees rustle. The night was still young though for him it wasn't. The moon was bright and it's luminescence was outstanding.

Kaiser continued to follow their Kage, quite tired and had enough of sneaking. He used his papers to create a giant airplane just for him. He gathered chakra into his feet, calculating the distance he's going, he jumped high and exactly landed into his airplane. Maintaining his balance using the chakra in his feet and flew fast towards their Kage. Catching up to the Kage, and he spoke.

" Master Kage, i hope you don't mind if i follow you?" Kaiser asked as he continued to float in the air and follow the Kage.
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The plans for peace turned into war
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