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 Past Memories conflict with Modern Technology (Closed)

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Setoshi Sōichirō


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PostSubject: Past Memories conflict with Modern Technology (Closed)   Fri Mar 05, 2010 10:49 pm

As day began to turn to dusk, the sun alowing the moon to illuminate the heavns and keep watch over the earth, the sound of a bell radiated around an old shop that seemed to be a hole in the wall type of store. A mysterious figure strode into the store, a black travelers cloak covered every inch of his body from view, yet his messy grey hair poked out from uneder the hood. A small yet hairy man sat on the other side of a counter tinkering with a contraption that had the appearance of a metal ball, roughly the size of a grape fruit. The hooded figure walked around the store examining different objects that hung on shelves throughout the store, even as he came in the man behind the counter payed no attention or even made notice that the other was their. The hooded man stopped at a row of small kunai, he picked one up and immediatly dropped, blood trickeled down his hand, "Fiber Glass Kunai, fool your friends or your enemies. . . Be careful of the ones at the end, those contain a paralysis poison mixed in with the fiber galss. . .", The man says still not looking up from his metal object that he held tossing in his hands.

The hooded man looked toward the older gentleman and began to speak, but was cut-off abruptly, "Setoshi look, you know it's highly rude to not introduce yourself when you come into the presence of others . . . Come on now, she raised you better than that . . ." The hooded man gave a slight smirk as he pulled back his hood revealing a stunning looking young man in his early twenties, the older gentleman gave a slight laugh as he made his way around the counter with open arms, the metal ball still in his hand, "Seems like things never change, you honestly haven't aged, not one bit . . ." , he said with a wide smile. "Tasori, my old friend how are you? Yes, I know . . . My umm . . . Condition keeps me from aging like normal people", The Grey Haired man said as he embraced the older gentleman in a hug. The older man let out a thunderous laugh, "Ahh, that Dog of yours was a real rascal to seal . . .", Tasori says, recalling the events when Setoshi's aunt gave her life to Seal the Gobi no Houkou inside of Setoshi to keep her village safe.

"Anyways, what can I do you for you, anything, free of charge . . . Your like a son to me.", The older Tasori says making his way back around the other side of the counter. Setoshi shakes his head jokingly as he listens, his right hand reaching for a scroll tied to his left leg, "Well Tasori, this one is going to be a doozey, you'll need my help . . .", Setoshi says as he places the scroll on the counter, placing his left hand on the scroll and his right hand in the "Kai" position. Setoshi inhaled slightly, then he sent a jet of chakra from his Chakra Core through his left arm and into his hand, a vast amount of smoke covered the counter and blinded the two for mere seconds. As the smoke cleared old man Tasori let out a sort of shriek as he held his hands behind him, "Setoshi this can't be . . . He looks identical to you, as if you two could be brothers.", Tasori says examining the body over.

Before the two men lay a yound 21 year old male, messy black hair identical to the Grey haired Setoshi looking down on him. He lay wrapped in a black travelers cloak similar to the one Setoshi had on when he entered the store, "It seems like the village elders have truly been trying to kill me since the discovery of our clan . . . This was my brother Nexus, we where twins. He tried to assassinate me on my way up here, the battle was bloody, it was like fighting myself, but as you can see who won . . ." Setoshi said as he opened the dead twins's mouth. "Well you did what you had to do . . . What where you planning on doing with this body, I don't make wooden puppetts anymore . . ." Tasori says pressing the body in various places, checking for any traps that the body might possibly contain. Setoshi smirked lightly as he shooved his hand inside of his twins mouth and removed a scroll with the Nyuusui symbol engraved on it.

Setoshi placed it on the table next to the body and unrolled it, the words "Organic Puppetry" written across the top in blood. "Looks like this is one of those secret clan techniques Shisuu spoke of", Tasori says as he read over the scroll, "Pretty complicated stuff, do you really want to go through with it, especially on your own brother?", Tasori says looking up from the scroll and into the face of the young Grey haired ninja. Setoshi contimplated for a second then placed his hands on the counter, "Yea, I have a feeling the elders knew he was going to die . . . I believe they wanted me to find this for a reason . . .", Setoshi says as he reviews the scroll. Old man Tasori grunted loudly before speaking, "Well, how about you start this out, A Nyuusui member needs to remove all bodily fluids from this body. . . I'll get a bucket . . .". Tasori stepped heavily into his back room insearch of a bucket, a series of loud bangs and shuffling of boxes where heard from the front.

Setoshi nodded his head and closed his eyes, placing boths hands out front and over his brothers body, feeling for his Second Chakra Core containing his Ekton chakra, Setoshi's eyes flashed open them now different than the regular Grey ones. These now a purple color with rings instead of a iris, Setoshi inhaled deeply then released it, slowly but surely blood started to flow through the mouth, nose and ears of his brother. As Tasori entered he gave out another thunderous laugh, "I've always admired your clan abilities", Tasori said as he placed a giant tub on the floor by Setoshi's feet. Setoshi continued the flow of blood until he realized he needed to empty the blood that was lingering in the air above him. In one swift motion Setoshi flung his left arm toward the bucket and all of the blood he had acquired was thrown into it. He cracked his neck slightly before replacing his hands infront of his brother and repeating the proccess, he looked toward Tasori to see what he was doing. A low snore echoed throughout the store as Tasori leaned back in his wooden chair, up against the wall: sleep. Setoshi emptied the blood he required from his brother and threw it into the tub, it now was nearly half-way filled. "One more ought to do it", Setoshi thought as he placed his hands over his brothers body once more, this time for the last time. Concentrating a good portion of his chakra Setoshi searched for the remaining body fluids, once locked onto them he pulled his arms up, with one fluid motion all of the fluids went seeping out of every exit from the males body.

Setoshi kicked over a stool from behind the counter and plopped down onto it, as if an alarm went off Tasori woke up and began inspecting the store. "Hmm, I believe my medical techniques are needed now, get some rest boy . . .", Tasori said as he pulled a grey suit case from inside of a drawer in the counter, before Tasori could wait for a reply Setoshi was lightly sleeping. Tasori opened the case as if he was dealing with a new born baby, inside a series of scalpels drills and metal rods lay tight inside of a foam cushion. He lifted the scalpel out of the foam cushion and examined it over, then he looked over the scroll, examining what exactly needed to stay in the body and what didn't. While looking at it he kicked Setoshi in the leg, waking him up abruptly. "Go get me an Ice-Chest in the back . . .", Tasori said as he pushed forcefully into Nexus's chest. "Uhh . . . Yea, no problem", Setoshi says as he hops over the tub of blood and enters the back room. Setoshi let out a slight yawn as he pushed some boxes over to find a chest, after a few minutes of no luck he finds one hidden under an old pile of ruined summoning scrolls. Carrying it out he accidently stumbles into the pile of blood and bodily fluids, Tasori let out a thunderous cry of laughter as he watched Setoshi covered in the worst of liquids. Throwing the chest down at old man Tasori's feet Setoshi raised his hands up, then brough them back down toward the original tub. Instantly he was free'd from the utterly disgusting substance, "Thanks for the help . . .", Setoshi says shaking his head, his Purple Kekkei Genkai influenced eyes shifted back to their original color and form.

"How's the operation coming?", Setoshi says as he looks over the big Y-Designed pattern created by Tasori and his Jagged Scalpel. Reaching his hand into the stomach of the young shinobi he removed a pale tube, "This just about completes it, the small intestine", Tasori says throwing the Small intesting into the Ice-Chest. Setoshi quickly hopped up from the stool and pulled open the scroll, reading it over twice. "Hmm, so the brain and heart are still intact, now is the fun part, including my various weapons.", Setoshi says walking around the store at the collection of weapons and defensive mechanisms. "So, what are you going to start out with ?. . . Ohh I must warn you, this isn't a regular puppet so it won't have as many contraptions in it", Tasori says as he places his scalpel back into the cushioned case. Setoshi nodded quickly, for right now he was literally a child in a candy store, everything was at his disposal. "Well first I guess I'll be a little smart about what I do . . . do you have any titanium laying around her?", Setoshi says mapping out his plan. "Yeah, it's in the back, I'll get it . . .", Tasori says manuevering his way into the back room. Meanwhile, Setoshi looked over his brothers body, part of him feeling sorry he was doing this to his own brother, but the other part feeling that it was the right thing to do. After minutes of searching Tasori comes back in holding twenty pounds of thick Titanium, throwing it all onto the floor he looked over to Setoshi. "Well, I need you to coat his bone structure with this, but also place a thin layer under his skin for added protection", Setoshi says as he does a series of hand signs, "Forbidden Arts • Skin Removal Skill", Slowly but surely all of the skin and muscle where removed from Nexus's body until only the bone remained.

~ Time Skip (I'm not about to give away all of the secrets of my little project Razz) ~

About eight hours later the sun began to peek over a small ridge just five hundred meters infront of the shop, Setoshi and Tasori both lay up against the back wall of the shop. A kunai attached to a heavy metal chain with a spiked ball lay wrapped around Setoshi's neck and a ring of Kunai lay clutched tightly in Tasori's hands. As the sun slowly edged over the hill illuminating the shop Setoshi and Tasori both woke up sleepily, the male laying on the counter before them looked as if it where a normal person. It's skin, hair and form where organic and even the eyes where differen't, they held the Nyuusui Kekkei Genkai without reverting to a normal state. Setoshi dusted off his travelers cloak, and looked toward Tasori "Well, this is my good by good bye. . .. I thank you for aiding me in my new project. I'll be back soon with more !", Setoshi said as he picked up the male and stood him up right, the black travelers cloak flowing over him fitting perfectly. Tasori only nodded as he walked around the counter and opened the door for them. Setoshi's eyes resumed the purple color with rings as the male standing next to him began walking out of the door like a regular human.

~ End (Topic Closed)
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Past Memories conflict with Modern Technology (Closed)
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