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 Kumo-Anei History

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PostSubject: Kumo-Anei History   Fri Mar 05, 2010 4:43 pm

The History:
Created by the ex akatsuki member, Konan of the Origami. During the 5th shinobi war waged against the ninja known as Madara, all the villages released into war there were those on the Anti side {rain, sound, cloud} then there were those on the rightful side {leaf, sand, grass, mist}. The villages were soon destroyed and all that was left of Madara was his mask. It was said that he some how had sealed himself into another ninja's body and still switches to keep himself imortal though this thought has been somewhat proved to be a farce seeing how the villages have been peaceful since. Konan, having lost her husband, Pein, had began to recruit missing ninja repulsed by the great war. This group was formally known as "Solar Eclipse", this group had strict orders to kill the ninja that survived the war. The project failed when a young ninja had set all the bijuu free from the seal of the god King statue or the "10 fingers of judgement" in the old hide out of the akatsuki. The Solar Eclipse group were now ordered by konan to find the bijuu bring them back no matter what and they were to use the bijuu to kill out all the villages and the outcast survivers.

Sadly the group had never achieved its goal and after 20,000,000 years have past new villages have been made. A new leader of the Solar eclipse was soon braught into the group and began the rebirth of what was named by "project Akatsuki" this was a plan to recruit missing ninja who were skilled enough to finish what the akatsuki started. Soon the group called it's self "God's Shadow" they saw them selves as the shadow of the akatsuki folling behind their foot steps. The new leader still recruits ninja. The Ninja goes by the name of Usuke or at least he calls himself that no ninja knows his real name.

~End of History~
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Kumo-Anei History
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