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 Kumo-Anei's Leader Visits

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Yahiko Buki

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PostSubject: Kumo-Anei's Leader Visits   Fri Mar 05, 2010 4:25 pm

Description:A ninja not from far away stands looking down at the village. His eyes emotionless staring down, his hair black and swaying in the direction of the wind. The ninja sighs still looking down. Suddenly he pulls out a mask hidden under the blue cloak draped over his body. The mask was placed over his face the color of the mask was of white with red markings on it. The mask replicated a mask of the Neo Anbu. The ninja now stands up and quickly does handseals and under the anbu mask the color of blue eyes are shown. The ninja does not budge and still stands there.

"So this is the village known as taiyou no sato,hmmm? Intresting; none the less it's still going to die out like the rest wouldn't you say raijuu?"

"Yes but now is not the time lets see what there is to crush and destroy...I wanna meet the kage first before anything starts."

"very well you want to meet the kage then so shall we. Hmmm...." The ninja closes his eyes under the mask and performs a handseal and holds it in place. The seal was to perform a chakra technique that created a genjutsu cloak over the ninja to look like a village neo anbu. The ninja could walk around in his or her regular clothing a appear to be a neo anbu in the eyes of other ninja. This technique was known by all the Kumo-Anei members and only they know how to work the strings behind it all. "This will only last for about an hour, so now would be the time to move." The ninja jumps off the ledge of the building landing on his feet on the ground. He walks off within the village looking for the Kage's office.
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Narora Senoku


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PostSubject: Re: Kumo-Anei's Leader Visits   Sat Mar 06, 2010 8:42 am

(lol imma try to post to that)

Narora happened to be walking by at the time. he was burried in a Bleach book agian. it was black now, with the main character forming a Hollow mask on his face for the cover. his eyes constently scaning it wall walking. even if he was walking, he could still weave around people as they came. he felt a flux in the air of chakra. and outside sorse he hadn't felt in a wile he stopped and looked around. nothing in peticular had just happend that he could see. but just to be safe, he activated his Kageryuugan and took a look around with it. nothing. not even a Genjutsu to be seen. he shruged, deactivating his Bloodline Limit, then continued on with his book and his walk.
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Kumo-Anei's Leader Visits
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