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PostSubject: Shikamatsu   Thu Mar 04, 2010 4:24 pm

Village Ninja Application:

General Information
Name: Shikamatsu
Alias: Shika
Rank: Kage
Age: 23
Village: Tenshi no Sato
Looks: Avi:
Shika isn't that tall about 6'2 feet tall, he has a average sided body not being to fat or to skinny but he is built a bit more than most people. When Shika fights he likes to use his knees, but before he had ever tried using them he trained his legs making his legs strong and strong locking if anyone happens to get a look at them. Shika has short blueish, whitish hair that hangs down to about above his eyes. For his eye's Shika has really dark blue eyes for some reason...its unknown why though. He wears a long white cloak, that is always open showing his undershirt that is gray with a little of white around the neck line. Shika also wears long gray pants that cover his legs making it unnoticeable when he throws knees towards his opponents.At the top of his pants is a white rope like thing..kind of like a belt but its not really needed. With being the Kazekage Shika thinks that he should sometimes show his forehead protector that will mostly be located around his neck. This then blocks off some of the showing of his chest. But other than that if he doesn't wear his forehead protector, he will wear the Tenkage cloak, and the hat.. Lastly Most of the time Shika will be seen with his scythe strapped onto his back that he uses to send wind waves towards his opponent

Personality: Shika is mostly a man of respect. This respect can be taken away with matter of seconds meaning one second mostly towards missing-ninja from suna. Shika can be the nicest person then the other he is a complete a**. This doesn't happen often, but when it does people will known it. When Shika is in the right state of mind he will be his normal self meaning he will be more open to the people he knows. Shika isn't really the person to make conversation but when he does have something to say he will up and say it regardless the person. Shika won't think of it being disrespectful because thats just how he is and what he does, he isn't going to change it if someone doesn't like it. Shika likes to write story's about his past life so when he takes to writing he changes completely Because thinking of his past can bring back good or bad memories which will effect on how he acts. When Shika isn't in the right state of mind he isn't one to be messed with but this almost never happens but is there. Shika will be more quite and depressed. It will be like he's in his own little world. Even though this doesn't happen often when it does Shika won't for get about his duty's as the Tenkage. Shika will act as if he were in the right state of mind, but the littlest things will bother him. Of course he wont address them directly but if someone was to really par attention to him they would known. For the slightest reason Shika has a big problem with missing-nin. It's unknown why but he dislikes that they weren't loyal enough to there village, and left. When people leave his village he will fell disrespected but will do everything in his power to get them back. If it comes down to it and the person has grown dangerous enough Shika himself will hunt the ninja down and kill him, he won't stop tell the shinobi is dead. The reason he does this is because he feels that its his responsibility to do so.
Character's Suberobjective: To Take down all evil groups, that kill for fun and they way he will do that is by forming the brotherhood. (More info about the BH later)

Clan Information
Clan Name: Bunraku
Kekkai Genkai: human puppet users
Clan History:

Fighting Styles/Elements
Character Element:
Main: Earth
Sub: Wind
Advanced Element: Dust
Main Jutsu Type: Puppetry

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PostSubject: Re: Shikamatsu   Thu Mar 04, 2010 4:39 pm

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