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 Elendril Tokyo app done

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PostSubject: Elendril Tokyo app done   Thu Mar 04, 2010 3:18 pm

Village Ninja Application:
General Information
Name: Elendril tokyo
Alias: Elen
Rank: , Kage)
Age: 13
Village:Taiyou no Sato
Looks: Elendril is almost always seen in his ninja uniform, along with iron guard gloves reminiscent of his father . Another noticeable feature to Elendril, other than his unique thin scar running over it and down to his cheek. He is a tall, fit ninja, characterized by his long and black hair, forehead protector regularly covering his scarred left eye, and his chronically visible mask. He is once mistaken by a ninja for his father who he is considered to greatly resemble.

While it has yet to be revealed why, he has, since a young age, always been seen concealing the lower half of his face. What he looks like remains a point of interest for his students, who try to find out what he looks like in various mission's, which is devoted to Team 5 trying to remove their friend's mask, implies that he is in fact quite handsome from friend's seeing his face. In the few instances that he is seen without his mask (although still obstructed by some object), it has been seen that he has a narrow jaw-line and
Is a black kid
Personality and Traits
Elendril claims to have lost everyone who was close to him, causing some reluctance to allow others to get close to him. Of the people who are still alive, Elendril is on the best terms with his friend’s. After the formation of a prank he begins taking a special interest in their development, as shown from his regular checking up on his fat friend and his eating habits. He similarly refuses to go on a mission I so that he can stop friend’s from killing each other. Elendril is just as devoted to his friends and the rest of the school, such that his signature saying, then never give in , has been made on the principle of duty, and perfected on the principle of protecting loved ones. Elendril has a rather solitary and matter-of-fact attitude. His calm and detached demeanor has been called “cool, hip, and trendy” many times by friend’s . Despite his increasingly growing reputation and prowess as a super hero, Elendril has shown no signs of arrogance, and is rather modest about his abilities. His naturally calm attitude is used to his advantage in battle, as it becomes easier for him to maintain his composure to stay focused on the situation at hand, and ultimately notice everything around him. As a result, he can quickly adjust to any situation to make keen and thought-out decisions, allowing him to stay steps ahead of his opponents.
Elendril has an ongoing, albeit one-sided, rivalry with most of his friend’s . In trying to prove themselves superior to Elendril, they challenges him to competitions of questionable value ranging from Rock, Paper, Scissors to running races. One of his friend’s has a record of 50 wins to 49 losses, which he is particularly proud of. Elendril, on the other hand, shows very little interest in their competitions, which only further inspires his friends to defeat Elendril and his "coolness". but before Elendril was like thise he was like thise While Lending had initially tried to be friendly towards others, despite their fear of him people's actions and words changed him. Realizing that nobody loved him, Lending used his bone's to create a kanji on his forehead "love" (愛, AI), as a symbol of a "demon loving only himself", and to live up to his name, as bone master. Lending became emotionally withdrawn, all but silent, and consumed with a bitter loathing for everyone but himself and friend's". He learned to find pleasure, and eventually a happiness

The Siblings Lending childhood was, in many ways, similar to anco's, though more unfortunate due to his lack of anyone to call a friend. Both were lonely and desired to be liked, loved, and acknowledged as an individual, free of others' prejudices — they were themselves, not the demons they were forced to "contain" — and both were driven into a desperate state. While Naruto consequently developed the misconception that pranks and mischief would bring him the attention he sought, Lending came to the conclusion that he could preserve and confirm his own existence by killing any and all who challenged it, securing an extreme form of existentialism as his key personality trait. In the absence of others' acknowledgment, he could compensate by valuing only himself to the exclusion of everyone else. Furthermore, while anco eventually had Amino and Team hadini to acknowledge him,Lending never had anyone to bond with but his family, not even his kage, as they all despised and feared the demon that dwells within him. The person who was closest to being friendly with Lending then ended up betraying him.

After being defeated by a kid from another village Lending was shocked to find that that kid knew very well the pain that Lending had endured all his life. He was even more surprised that this kid never gave up hope on being acknowledged as a person and ultimately found friends who truly cared for him. Seeing the determination that this kid had to protect his friends made Lending question his own path in life. Realizing that he gave up too easily, Lending decided to follow this kid's path, wishing to become Kazekage of Sunagakure so he could be connected to his people, and hopefully have them finally acknowledge his existence as a person. Over the next few years, Lending determination to find happiness became apparent from his decision to rely on his own power rather than his inner demon's.Elendril eventually formed a close friendship with this kid .

Although he remained ruthless against his opponents, Lending appears extremely protective of his allies and innocent people, as seen when he protected his village from Deidara; and his siblings, Darui and even the Raikage against Sasuke. He also appears to deeply understand those who have suffered from loneliness and hatred in the past by the look in their eyes, such as his friend anco, or kashi

Character's Suberobjective: to keep his village together and keep them from war

Clan Information
Clan Name: tokyo clan
Kekkai Genkai: the rinaesun/ allow’s the user to have the same power as the uchiha and the kaguya
Clan History: the clan is very new and has very few people. It was started win one of the last uchiha and kaguya hade a child. so thise child hade both kkg and win his five son’s ans daughter’s hade children so didi they. so they clan goeas from there. they belaive in not fightin for no reason. they beleave that a familly must stay together

Fighting Styles/Elements
Character Element:
Main: Fire,
Sub: Fire, Wind, Lightning,
Advanced Element: (Jounin/Kage Levels Only.Customs must be approved.)
Main Jutsu Type: , Ninjusu,

Background: (Put a background of your character including arcs. Pre-academy (All), Genin (Genin and above), Chunnin (Chunnin and above), Jounin (Jounin and above), Kage (Kage Level). You must include all categories you can.)
Elendril was a very talented ninja, having been considered a genius that appeared once a generation. Even thou born with a smart mind in him and now one now’s but his parent’s and there kage so as a ninja academy student he progressed faster letting him be a genin at the age of 5
when he turn 6 he was a chunin training hard to become a great ninja after 2 year’s he did the jonin exam’s and past with good score’s so then he would do what ever his village needed him to do he didn't care he just loved his village but whine he learned that he had a hert in him he changed but after meting anco he learnt thing's from him like he should never give up so elendril realized that he wanted to be the kage of his village 1 day so he started taking hard training's and mission's to in prove his kekkei genkai and taking training from there clan leader and also the top jonin in his village he even started to train genin in his village and those how had his kekkei genkai he showed them how to use it and how not to try to do two much stuff at there young age but when there village wint to war the tokyo clan went to war war most of the kid's stayed behind even thou he wanted to go he could not go for if his father did not come back he take over as the leader of the clan so after waiting a week they realized those how went to war were dead so Elendril had to take over as the leader of the Tokyo clan for his father but he brought the tokyo clan to fame he was so powerful that they gave him the name bone master because he was so good at there kekkei genkai. then he took his jonin exam and he passed whith flying color’s
he was on a very hard mission.and a rivalry ninja came from nowhere hitting 1 of Elendril's ninja in the heart so Lending made a sword that was swift but heavy out of his spine then he charged at the rivalry ninja but the ninja was fast the ninja jumped and pulled out a kuni and cut Lending in the left eye the cut was very bad so Lending made a bone pach to cover his eye then he made a kuni out of bone and threw it at the ninja hitting the ninja in the leg then he ran to the ninja and right before he cut the ninjas throw the ninja sad bone master and elendril said yea you've just Ben boned. After spending a few year’s as a jonin there village kage was killed and ther was a mission to fing the murder and Elendril found him and fought him The great lord Elendril was tired of waiting for the mission so he could get in a good fight so he decided that he truly wanted a fight that he would get for he was a kage of a villageso he went off into the desert for he heard that there was a group of missing ninja hiding in there and attacking people as they came by so as he discussed himself as a little ninja then as he started to leave the village then as the ninja saw what they thought was a little genin ninja with a leaf head band with a shirt that was read and white and had the kaguya clan symbol and some tan short’s scouring the land so they thought that maybe this genin would be useful or make a good human puppet so they went after but as the attacked then little genin it turned out to be the great Elendril
of the sun village so felt there surprise attack threw the sand so as soon as they came he shout bone needles at them then as the other came he used his earth manipulation ability then he grabbed their leg’s but as he did that a human puppet that was a little shorter then Elendril and was whirring a dole colored shirt and some dingy pant’s that where dole as whale attacked him is shout poison needle’s at him but right before they hit he brought the sand up to stop them then with his E.M.S he searched the land for the ninjas controlling the puppet but as he did that another ninja appeared that attacked him using a long forgotten martiall art then ninja that was Elendril’s height and very slender wearing a black shirt with a blue and purple crest with some pant’s that where black and had the same crest as his shirt and he had a head band with the symbol of the village hidden in the cloud’s and a line crossed threw it to show he was a rouge ninja ran at Elendril but with his E.M.S activated he could read the other ninja’s moves so as the ninja made a move Elendril matched it so as Elendril matched his moves but as he was busy fighting these ninja the ninja he was a puppet master made his puppet spring back to life then the puppet sprouted a needle from his mouth that was ten inches long so as Elendril was busy fighting the other ninja and this puppet was coming for the back of his neck right as it was getting ready to hit him in the neck he ducked so that the needle hit the other ninja in the neck and as it hit the other ninja in the neck Elendril broke the puppet in have then he made a look for the ninja that was controlling the puppet but never found him. so for killing the people how killed the kage he was given the job as the next kage

Family: (your character's PC or NPC family members)
-Father: blaze tokyo
-Mother:hitu tokyo
-Siblings: juston tokyo 11 year old brother
RP Sample: (a detailed sample of how you Roleplay)
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PostSubject: Re: Elendril Tokyo app done   Thu Mar 04, 2010 3:20 pm

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PostSubject: Re: Elendril Tokyo app done   Thu Mar 04, 2010 11:45 pm

If he's a Kage, please update the age: 13 is very young for a Kage
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Yahiko Buki

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PostSubject: Re: Elendril Tokyo app done   Fri Mar 05, 2010 4:17 am

no no it works
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PostSubject: Re: Elendril Tokyo app done   

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Elendril Tokyo app done
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