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 Darthwin Sonuba (finished)

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PostSubject: Darthwin Sonuba (finished)   Thu Mar 04, 2010 1:54 pm

General Information
Name:Darthwin Sonuba
Alias: Rising Dragon
Rank: S - rank missing ninja
Age: 43
Former Village:Mist
Reasons for Leaving: His intentions were revealed and he left
Personality: Darthwin is a calm and deceptive warrior who would not think twice about using his allies to his own advantage during combat. He is a strategist who likes to think ahead when he does something. His calm personality allows him to deal with dire situations with out much difficulty or problems. He can use his calm personality to try and get people to trust him. He is trusting of his allies that he sees, as being useful or that he owes. He tends to keep his word when he makes any type of promise and will sometimes use loopholes to get out of them. He can be very manipulative when he has to be.
Character's Suberobjective:rebuild his former village and remake it in his own image
Clan Information
Clan Name: Sonuba
Kekkai Genkai: The Boil Release (沸遁, Futton) are techniques that combine fire and water-based chakra to create a powerful corrosive vapor capable of melting anything. The user is also able to control the range of the vapor's acidity.
Clan History: The Sonuba clan originated from a sect of seven monks that originally lived in want you waterfall village for many years. The Sonuba are known for their ability in water and fire ninjutsu in the beginning. Being formed by seven unrelated monks the sonuba are not all related leading to a few Slight changes in their abilities and few not being able to use the Kekei Genkai ability at all. Past well known Sonuba would be Tobeiro Sonuba who was the one that moved the clan to the mist village and was able to make the clan more well known through his ability as a ninja. He was also the first in the clan to use the Futton release. Over time more Sonuba were also able to use this ability. With more well known Sonuba and a few others that were not that great the Sonuba went from a obcure clan to a more well known one.
Fighting Styles/Elements
Character Element:
Main: Water
Sub: Fire
Advanced Element:The Boil Release (沸遁, Futton) are techniques that combine fire and water-based chakra to create a powerful corrosive vapor capable of melting anything. The user is also able to control the range of the vapor's acidity.
Main Jutsu Type: Ninjutsu

Beginning arc
Darthwin was born in a small clan that was part of Mist Village. When he was in the academy he spent a lot of his time outside and not in school. He had gotten into a lot of trouble during those days but did not let things like that bother him, as he thought that he could use his time for better things. He later graduated and became a member of squad twelve. He got along with his teammates and squad leader. He had gone on a few missions; most of them were body guard, river cleaning or planting missions.

Exams arc
He had once complained about why he had been given so many boring missions. After that he was given one C-rank mission where he and his teammates had to protect an art collector from a dangerous group of bandits. They completed the mission, and returned to their village to participate in the chunnin exam. They used their tracking abilities and luck to get through the forest of death in one piece. During the preliminary rounds Darthwin was defeated. He and his teammates began to do a few B rank missions since there was a small shortage of ninja to do them.

One mission had Darthwin face off against a chunnin assassin ninja. He and his teammates had defeated the ninja and completed their mission. Their mission was to deliver an important document to the Sand Village and not allow the Cloud village spies to get a hold of it. Their Sensei had distracted the spies for them to be able to complete their task quickly. Darthwin began to form a small rivalry with one of his teammates; who had become a chunnin during the exams. Their rivalry spurred them to train twice as hard to surpass the other.

Legends arc

During his second attempt he had passed and became a chunnin. With all three member of his squad now chunnin they were sent on more B rank and a few a rank missions for their village. Darthwin had also participated in a few small scale battles with Star Village. He had later took part in the Jounin exam and managed to pass for his quick wits, and strategic decisions that he made. He had continued to do missions with his squad despite his new rank. He is known for his strategic talent and lethal ninjutsu abilities.

Into the Shadows arc

He had become an accomplished Jounin and is trusted by many within his village. He later participated in a few more battles that involved Rock Village, and another that involved Star Village. He has become friends with a few ninja that he had met during a few of his missions. He also gained a few new rivals in the form of a skilled Jounin ranked ninja from Star village and a talented Chunnin from the Leaf Village. He had become friends with a few Chunnin from Cloud village and a Jounin from the Sand village. He later used his friends to help him in a few plans he was putting together.

Darthwin had begun to train his apprentice, and former rival who was originally a ninja from the Leaf Village. Darthwin still participates in a few A-rank missions, but spends most of his time training his young apprentice. He began to build upon and improve in ninjutsu that he had learned over time to become a stronger ninja. He had gained much knowledge over the time period of his training. He had begun to also get unnecessary attention from the Hunter Ninja of the mist village.

Unknown Destiny arc
They were questioning some of his recent activities in the village and the disappearance of chunnin from other villages like the Leaf and Sand Villages. Darthwin was doing a few basic types of tests to unlock the hidden potential of the ninja. He was doing these tests from under the nose of the Mist Village. He believed that his tests would be a great asset to the village. He continues to do the small scale tests while he acts like any other well trusted Jounin of the Mist Village. He currently is not in command of his own squad

He was later given his own squad to lead since it would keep him busy and he would gain more needed experience in leading a team. He got along well with his squad members and helped them grow into strong ninja. He had placed his full faith in them something that was quite rare for him. Darthwin helped trained his squad to where they had become chunnin during the chunnin exams. He had later become a Sannin of the mist village.

Intentions revealed
Darthwin was forced to fee the village when his intentions were revealed. His experiments had caused him to become a missing ninja. Since he was a Sannin he had been made a A-rank missing ninja. He later made himself and S-rank when he killed the kage a few years later. He let his old village fall and left into the shadows to return so that he could revive his village. He knows that his clan is hunting him and intends to kill anyone from his that clan that gets in his way.

He later began to continue his experiments and worked to increase his own abilities while he was on the run from his own clan. His apprentice being powered by the perfected gauntlets made a perfect test subject and distraction so he could escape. With his apprentice dead he now had one of the three remaining shadow gauntlets while one of the sets where now in the middle of nowhere and the third one somewhere in the ruins of the mist village. He uses his new weapon, as the base for his new quest to revive the mist village and become the new mizukage.

RP Sample: It was a cold day that morning when Darthwin walked outside from his house with his equipment, and supplies ready. His thoughts were on other things though. He had recently collecting information from other villages for the last few weeks. He had used the information to create a new unusual weapon that drew on the user's life force in exchange for giving more chakra. He had done a few tests before now, and was prepared to go into phase two in the tests. He quickly did a few stretches for the morning and left the village to head out towards one of his secret facilities. Once he reached his destination his apprentice was already waiting for him. "your a bit early" Darthwin replied calmly, as he was surprised by him being there. He had decided not to show surprise by this fact and remained calm. "So why are you here so early?" Darthwin asked.

The young ninja smirked "no reason I thought I would see how your project is coming" he replied rubbing his finger under his nose for a moment. "So how is it?" he asked looking around for a moment before tossing a small pebble into the air, and catching it in his left hand.

"the shadow gauntlets will be in phase two soon once I do a few more test, and then if all goes well I can have them used in real combat" he replied. He set a few papers on a table near him, and down in his chair while he gathered his thoughts together. He hit a switch releasing to chunnin from the sand village who were using the shadow gauntlet prototypes, as they continued to fight the gauntlets would sap their life force for more chakra until they had both died. "Well I guess they were not strong enough to control it" he thought with a smirk. He would keep testing until he could find someone who was strong willed enough to create a balance with effects of the gauntlet.

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PostSubject: Re: Darthwin Sonuba (finished)   Thu Mar 04, 2010 2:11 pm

sorry pick a new village mist is no more
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Darthwin Sonuba (finished)
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