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 Shadow Nakamura wip

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Shadow Nakamura


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PostSubject: Shadow Nakamura wip   Thu Mar 04, 2010 7:04 am

Village Ninja Application:
General Information
Name: Shadow Nakamura
Alias: (What you are called, your nickname.)
Rank: Kage if i can
Age: 19
Village: Tsuki no Sato
Shadow has purple hair normally spikey along with purple eye's that glow thanks to his blood line he normally has a smirk on his face and what seem's to be a scar starting at his wrist.He has a tatto on the back of his neck that is a X one on his chest that look's to be the jashin symbol all though he has nothing to do with the religion.He wears a dark purple shirt and black pants when not in his kage robes.

Personality:Extremely shy, but outgoing in battle. Quiet, believes in peace, but is quite arrogant. Will fight for pride and what he believes in and for others. Often daydreams. Very persistent. Loves to listen to people and is willing to help them. often called "emo" because he likes his alone time, he shrugs these "insults" off and often critizises those who call him this But he will do anything to be recognized and will often rush into battle in this attitude. Sort of bipolar. towards other peoples, in this state he acts even more arrogant and conceited in himself. When in his angered state he will not hesitate to show off his kekkei genkai. In this confusion he has lost many friends. His feelings toward suna are very strong and is a VERY loyal person. He gets most of his personality from his father.

Character's Suberobjective:To live life to the fullist

Clan Information
Clan Name: Nakamura
Kekkai Genkai: mako energy eyes
Clan History:Originated in Sephiroth after he was tested on by his parents. Passed on to his son Shadow.Who is currently clan leader the clan's belive to live life to the fullist

Fighting Styles/Elements
Character Element:
Advanced Element: (Jounin/Kage Levels Only.Customs must be approved.)
Main Jutsu Type: Ninjutsu
Background:Shadow was born he was born in the middle of the thrid great shinobi war what he saw made him want to stay out of the shinobi world but his parents urged him to become a shinobi to kill so he enterd the academy younger then most at the age of four in witch he learned the basics he stayed away from most but lashed out at the pepole who came near him he graduated at 7 and was put on a team with two boy his sensai kept him away from his famliy.

genin arc
There sensai gave them the bell test Shadow came up with the plan after seeing one of his teammates speed and knowing of the hyuuga's infamous doujutsu and with his own mako eye they got the bell's after a plan of having the fast one use his speed to trick sensai into falling into a trap Shadow had built where sensai was stuck then witch the hyuuga would trigram sensai to where he couldent move to then witch when he finally got unstuck Keitaro ran and grabed the bell's the sensai passed them and they went home for the next year they completed 50 D-rank missions and 4 C-rank.

chuunin exams arc
then one day there sensai told them they were going to enter the chuunin exams. They passed the first test with ease then came the second test in which sadly one of them died pushing the other one out of the way of a falling tree when they got out of the forest the boy had to fight in a tornament like fight. Shadow was in the first match as the fight begun his teammate ran at him as he flashed through hand signs and yelled the name of the attack which was Fire Style: Art of the Dragon Flame his teammate was not thinking it was a strong attack neither was keitaro it had drained every last bit of chakra he had but he could still stand teammate on the other hand was burned to a crisp Shadow droped to the ground as what seemed to be tears of blood ran down his face he had unlocked part of the of the final mako eye's which was for some reason only unlocked one move. He walked up next to his mother and half brother to watch his sisters match to which she basicly killed the guy he sighed i killed my best freind he was called down for another match he said now. Shadow growled in rage as he took some of the uchiha he was fighting's dna and simply said susano'o as the man was killed. He now had a month to waist while the second round of part three was under way so he just hung around kiri for a month he was attacked by a ninja from konoha a hyuuga to which he used his mako copyed move called susano'o which killed the man. When the month was up he had to fight two pepole a boy named shari and a girl named sue which was said people team mates were killed by his sister his first match was a match against shari. Shari let off a sonic wave which hurt like hell in return he fired a Fire Release: Fire Dragon Flame Missile at him burning a hole right through him he smirked as he watched him fall his other opponet gave up after seeing what he could do he was one of the pepole put as chuunin they knew what his freind kintaro could do so he was made chunin aswell. He was a chunin for 4 years but kintaro died a month back fighting a missing ninja by the name of death in witch he hunted him down and killed him he got back in time for the jounin exams

jonin exams arc
which it turned out to pass he had to fight his sensai it was a hard fight for Shadow he ran at his sensai and flashed through hand signs he blew a stream of fire at him and watched as his sensai doged Shadow flashed through hand seals again and made the ground into mud and fired a flame into his sensai doged again Shadow was then in front of him and punched him in the jaw breaking it his sensai gave up and he was promoted to jounin.

Jounin/ANBU/kage arc
For the next year he was a jounin but was never gave a genin team he did fourty A rank missions and three S rank his last mission as a jounin was to hunt down and kill a missing ninja when he found him it turned out to be his father shadow was over run with emotions mostly rage as he used gian to blast a lightning bolt at his father which hit him in the leg tearing it off and then fired one at his head tearing it off aswell his eye'e turned cold as he walked back to suna. when it came time for the anbu exam He had to go kill the hokage the chuunin exam's where taking place in konoha this year so he took a fake genin team to konoha to go in the chuunin exam at the thrid and final part he jumped into the kage box and threw the mizukage off and kicked the hokage onto the roof as he ran at him with a kunai and jumped over him and stabed him in the spine while the lod kage tryed to remove the kunai shadow flashed through hand sign's and opend his mouth and shot a lightning blot through the hokage's heart and cut off his head as he went back to suna the elder's were shocked to see him alive they had ten anbu come out to kill him he used Rairyuu no Tatsumaki to kill every one he sent a lightning bolt through the kage and took over suna as the kazakage.

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Yahiko Buki

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PostSubject: Re: Shadow Nakamura wip   Thu Mar 04, 2010 8:06 am

sorry but i need a bit more paragraphs in your history for kage rank
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Yahiko Buki

Posts : 147
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PostSubject: Re: Shadow Nakamura wip   Thu Mar 04, 2010 8:26 am

ok approved
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PostSubject: Re: Shadow Nakamura wip   

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Shadow Nakamura wip
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