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 Hina Hikari

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Hina Hikari


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PostSubject: Hina Hikari   Thu Mar 04, 2010 3:57 am

Hina Hikari

Name: Hikari Hina

Alias: (Former: The Greatest Rookie) (Current: The Unbreakable Shield)

Rank: (S – former Kage)

Age: 16

Former Village: Tenshi no Sato

Reasons for Leaving: After all the good she had done, after all the sacrifices she gave, she always ends up losing someone important. She finally realized that serving or protecting the village doesn’t benefit her anything, not even happiness to be around with those she cares about. And because of that, she left her village and joined Anei-Kumo.



This is probably what made her one of the most unique ninjas in the ninja world, and the reason why she’s called “The Unbreakable Shield”. Her father is a taijutsu master, her mother is a genjutsu expert, and her sensei is weapon lord, and since she was trained by these three, apart of her own self training, she had developed three other personalities beside herself. These personalities are almost like totally new persons, only that they share one body with her. She called these personalities HiFuMi, which literally means “1, 2, 3” and that the first two letters of their names correspond to Hi, Fu, and Mi respectively. However, it was not until she became a Kage that she discovered she has another personality, a personality that had never appeared before. She called this brutal and merciless side, “Zero”.


Hina’s very first personality to appear, Hitomi side is an aggressive fighter who specializes in taijutsu . She prefers to wear caps and she is always looking for or instigating fights. Through her father's training she has always been known to take a head-on approach with anything, be it training (instead of dodging a log booby trap she instead chooses to punch through it). Out of the three personalities, she is the most common to appear and has the greatest agility. She has the ability to 'stay out' from morning to night since she is the one most eager to jump into a fight.


Calm—almost to the point of appearing cold-blooded—and proficient in the use of weapons. Indeed, she is the most accurate of the four personalities, outside Zero herself, because of the intense training of her mother. She is also the most mature and adult-like of the three personalities; hence, she is also the most analytical, almost to the point of being strategic. She is also talented in homemaking skills, as she is a good cook to the point of near-perfection.



Trained by her sensei, Misora is the child-like expert in high ranking genjutsus. All Misora wants is to play like other children, although like a child, she can easily be scared into fainting and possesses child-like cruelty, showing excitement at the prospect of scratching and clawing a man's eyes out. She has a very large appetite, able to eat all 31 flavors of ice cream in a single sitting. Of the three personalities, she appears least often but, has the most active social life.



The most dangerous of all her personalities and a mixture of the 4 aspects, she is ruthless, emotionless (evident by the permanently vapid look on her eyes as she attacks), inhumanly strong to point of being able to tear off limbs, endure direct attacks without flinching, and will attack almost anyone she sees with intent to kill. She has all the skills of the other personalities as well as the capacity to utilize them with alarming coordination but she has no mercy for anyone, not even for her allies. She has all the traits of a natural born killer. Despite being by far the most powerful of Hina's personalities, she has two condition that must be met before she can take over: 1) each of the three personalities that make up HiFuMi must be defeated before she comes to the surface, making her somewhat of a last resort for Hina, and for HiFuMi to go through extreme anger. How she was named Zero appears to be a reference as HiFuMi means 1, 2 and 3, so when she is called out, it’s like counting down (3, 2, 1, 0). However, if one of HiFuMi is experiencing extreme rage, Zero is able to fuse with them, giving them a strong boost of power but driving them into a controlled killing frenzy. Currently, Hina herself is finding a way to remove this other personality.


Character's Superobjective: Reach the sky on her own.

Clan Information
Clan Name: Hikari
Kekkai Genkai: The Forbidden Eyes
Clan History: click here...

Fighting Styles/Elements
Character Element:
Main: None
Sub: (Hitomi – Lightning) (Fumiko – Water) (Misora – Wind)
Advanced Element: Sand, Ice
Main Jutsu Type: Hina herself is Ninjutsu and Senjutsu , but each personality has a specialty of their own. (Hitomi – Taijutsu, Fumiko – Weaponry, Misora – Genjutsu)



Before Academy Life:

Hikari Hina grew up in the Village of Angels, which is also her birthplace. Even before Hina entered Academy, she has had experienced many things. Born with vivid-gold eyes, she felt different with the rest of her clan. Naturally, Hikari Clan members have green, blue or red eyes, but only she possesses that unique-coloured pair of eyes. She grew with her biological parents and lived a royal life since her father is the current leader of the clan and she is considered as the heir. However, due to her social status and the fact that she had developed two other personalities (Hitomi and Fumiko respectively), bullies and other people always pick on her. That was when she met her first and best friend, Kaede, who once protected her from a bullying man.

Because of her own lack of strength, she was treated as a wimp and weakling, and the elders of the clan even requested for a change in heir. They only recognized her as the most suitable for the position of heir when she first activated her bloodline at a very young age of 6. Because of this, her father gave her “Ren”, a wolf cub which became her very first pet; although according to her, it’s a dog.

It happened when she was once playing with her friends in the park and a drunken wanted shinobi decided to play rough with them. Her caretaker and bodyguard was no match with the guy and when she was about to get stabbed by him, she accidentally activated her bloodline due to mixed emotions. The thief, upon recognizing that she was from the Hikari Clan, left dashing without a single sword. The rest of the clan, including her parents, was really surprised with the early awakening of her advanced bloodline. It has been a tradition in the clan that the awakening of each member’s bloodline should occur during the Rite of Awakening, which is performed during one’s genin rank-up.

Hina’s worst and most painful experience was the death of her closest friend, Kaede. Kaede was killed by the same drunken shinobi when she tried to protect Hina. At that same moment, due to extreme pain and anger, this was the first time Hina awakened Hikari Clan’s Theorized Ancient bloodline, The Fallen Angel. Her eyes changed from cute and innocent to razor-sharp, and so was her personality. She became the total opposite of her normal self, and according to some witnesses, she killed the drunken man brutally.

From that day onward, she swore that she would be strong enough, and never again will a loved one of her shed blood for her sake.

Academy Student:

A year after the tragic incident that happened to her friend, Hina entered the Ninja Academy for the first time and she was the youngest student; she was just 7 years old. She had been training her speed ability since she found out that it’s her best skill and was naturally above average than the others. But unlike other people who act cold towards others because of their tragic past, she was very friendly and cheerful to her classmates, friends, and anyone who she meets. In fact, she was actually known for her warm and sweet personality. However, she was very lazy in class. She often sleeps, seen chatting with her friends while the teacher is discussing, and gets easily bored and laid back towards boring lessons. But she’s very active and participative when it comes to playing and exciting stuffs. When her teacher asked each student his or her favored weapon, it was Hitomi personality who was out so she claimed that she’d always wanted to have a sword. Academy students aren’t yet allowed to handle long or metal swords, and since Hitomis’s fighting style is more on short-range offense, she was given a 2 ft long wooden sword to start with. She first used the wooden sword in a friendly spar with Kaori Misuki [NPC]. She also activated her bloodline here to test its skills. But, due to certain reason, their spar was interrupted and ended up unfinished. She also had a friendly fight with Yamabuki Akane [NPC], which she once again activated her bloodline and the spar ended with her victory.

Finally, the Genin Exam had arrived. And it has never been a problem to her. Starting off with the Genin Exam – Written Test Phase, she aced it with so much ease. Next was the Genin Exam - Actual Test Phase, where she’s required to perform the 3 basic jutsu: Kawarami, Bunshins, and Henge. And it didn’t take her too long to perform it perfectly in front of her senseis. The Genin Exam – Battle Phase was a cool and nice fight for her because it turned out that her opponent was Kaori Misuki, the one whom she had an unfinished spar from before. The fight was intense and she even activated her bloodline which by then leveled up to stage two, to show that she acknowledged her as a worthy opponent. The battle ended with her victory.

As she passed the three test phases, she graduated in the academy as the best and was regarded as “The Rookie of the Year” by the Kages.


After she graduated at the academy, she immediately received the Tenshi no Sato ninja headband, symbolizing that she is already a certified ninja of the village. As she started her genin life, she had an unexpected battle with a jounin. She was attacked from nowhere without any reason. She was on a very tight spot when she activated her stage 2 bloodline. Upon recognizing the eyes, the Jounin stopped the assault and had told her that she’s worthy of becoming his student, and then he vanished. Later on, Hina figured out that the Jounin was named Senkoji Kai [NPC] and was actually the leader assigned to her team. In short, he was her sensei. Her other teammates, Nekoyashi Natsumi [[NPC], and Hagino Yuko [NPC], welcomed her to the team through a 2 vs 1 friendly spar. The spar was held in the woods and due to Hina’s improved speed level and various shinobi techniques, the battle ended up with her victory. Since she was the favourite among the students, her sensei made her do intense training in genjutsu (her weakest type since Hitomi’s with taijutsu and Fumiko’s with weapons), which resulted in the development of the third personality, Misora, a genjutsu expert.

She once went to a D rank mission with her team when she was attacked by a chuunin from another village. Though she was forced to activate her bloodline, she won the battle without any injury. Fortunately for her, before she left the village for the mission, her sword improved from the 2ft wooden training sword to a 1ft long metal sword. It helped her with the battle she had.

She had been making great and fast improvements on her bloodline. Normally for each member of the Hikari Clan, the bloodline will be first activated during the Rite of Awakening, which is preformed during one’s genin rank. But unlike the rest of the members, she didn’t only activate it early, but also in her current genin rank, she had a level 2 Forbidden Eyes. Few more training and experience with it and it will reach level 3. Due to that fact, the elders were furious because according to them, she had violated thousands of years of tradition. They immediately requested for her bloodline to be permanently sealed. However, her mother decided to have a bloodline training with her through a tough spar. The fight took almost an hour and finally, the stage two was leveled up to stage 3. This made the elders even furious and voted for a new leader. But the Tenkage that time acknowledged what Hina and her mother had done, and so, the elders could do nothing.

Time seemed so fast and the Chuunin Exams had already arrived. But as usual, Hina remained calm and cheerful like in the genin exams. But unlike the genin exams, the chuunin exam had no written test. Instead, 3 Actual Tests were given to each team. Hina’s team, Team 01, led by Senkoji Kai, managed to pass the first test. In the second test, she had a battle with Katsurugi Emiya [NPC]. She activated her bloodline, and managed to win. In her last test, she had a battle with Katsurugi Momoshi [NPC], Emiya’s older brother. But just like his brother, he was easily defeated by Hina.

Because of her spectacular performance in the chuunin exams, she was regarded as “The Chuunin of the Year” by the Kages.


Upon graduating from genin by the age of 9, she was immediately invited by the Kage to be an ANBU spy, which she undoubtedly accepted. She was given certain privileges as an ANBU spy: she can do missions from level D-B, and she doesn’t have to wear ANBU attire and mask. In short, she’s an ANBU in disguise.

After being invited by the Kage, she immediately ran to her father to claim the legendary weapon of the ancient Hikari Clan. Alastor, The Flame of Heaven, a 3 feet long katana, which he promised to give to her if she was acknowledged by the kage thrice in a row. 1st – Rookie of the Year which was given to her by the 5 kages, 2nd – The Chuunin of the Year which was also given to her by the 5 kages, and 3rd – The ANBU spy invitation of the Tenkage. Since she met the requirements, her father gave it to her without any regrets.

Her first experience as an ANBU spy was the Level B Mission given to her. She had to figure out the new people behind the secret organization forming in the Village of Angels. The mission was going smoothly until the org. leader found out about her being a spy and she was caught in a 10 vs 1 battle. Fortunately, Team Kai and the reinforcements arrived just in time to back her up. In the midst of the battle, she was forced to activate her bloodline since she was faced with a jounin. Finally, after much bloodshed, the mission was a success and the organization was completely destroyed.

A month after that, something unexpected happened. The Kage of a minor village declared an all-out-war against the Tenshi. The minor village sent almost all its shinobis, but Tenshi didn’t send any shinobis in offence since the Tenkage didn’t tend to destroy the minor village. They focused on defense. Team Kai was assigned at the south of the light country and ANBUs were assigned at the front gate. Because of this, Hina had to separate from her sensei and teammates since she’s also considered as an ANBU. The war didn’t last too long and Tenshi had successfully driven back minor village’s shinobis though many were killed and the village had been severely damaged. Overjoyed with their victory, Hina headed to her team only to find that the members of Team Kai were all killed in action.

After she heard the news, she immediately went to see their bodies. Upon arriving, she blamed herself for the incident. She wasn’t even there to at least support her team. She remembered the days when they first met; her battle with Natsuki, Yuko, and with the one she treats as the strongest ninja in the village and would have been the next Tenkage - Senkoji Kai. They were her closest companions and had treated them as her own family. After delivering her farewell message to each one of them, she cried her heart out.

A week had passed after that incident, and Hina had lost interest on being a shinobi. She hasn’t trained her jutsus like she always does and the other personalities never came out. It was all Hina. Hikari Natsume, her father, and also the leader of the clan, took this chance to execute his master plan for her, the Rite of Perfection. Hina was definitely ready of having the level 4, the final and fully developed Forbidden Eyes and so, he talked to her about it. Unlike the Rite of Awakening, the Rite of Perfection is far more difficult since it’s almost a battle to the end.

The match between Natsume and Hina was devastating. Amidst the fight, for the first time, Hina unconsciously awakened her other side, “Zero”. Because of this, the traditional one on one fight was broken, and the other members of the clan had to interfere because of her unbelievable capabilities. Natsume together with the others figured that they just had to last for about 3 minutes in their fight against her. Many were heavily wounded, but in the brink of getting unconscious, she had awakened her fully developed Forbidden Eyes. And the fight was over.

After the Rite of Perfection, she had returned to her normal jolly self, and so did the other personalities. She finally understood why her sensei and teammates risked their lives in protecting Tenshi no Sato.

Elite Jounin:

Her Chuunin life ended when she was 10 years old. Two years of being hyper-active chuunin and had never failed even a single mission, with great reputation all over the ninja world - made the 5 kages decide to promote her not to a jounin, but to a sannin instead. However, she refused the offer and claimed that she was still far too young and too inexperienced for the position. Honestly, she was afraid of what people might think of her: the child born with the vivid-gold eyes - who was once weaker that everyone else, and who was known to possess the theorized bloodline of the ancient Hikari Clan assassins - a Sannin? And most importantly, a chuunin immediately promoted to sannin?

And so, the 5 kages, though respected her decision, still insisted her to be classified as on of the top. Thus, she was an "Elite" Jounin instead of a normal Special Jounin or Jounin rank. Already feeling awkward with other Jounins because she was the youngest, she was even given a team to handle, and unfortunately, her students were older than her. However, due to this fact, their parents and the students themselves, complained to the Tenkage. At first, the Kage disagreed with their decision, but when Hina told the Kage it's okay for her, he granted their wish of change of sensei.

Hina was then stuck with A and S-rank missions. At that time, Ren, her pet wolf, remained a cub. This bothered her because Ren wasn't growing at all ever since she received him 6 years ago. She later discovered that her pet was no ordinary animal. He was actually related to the tailed beasts in the sense that he is immortal. Though he may look like a baby wolf, he can transform himself into a big a normal adult wolf, maybe a bit bigger since Hina is able to ride on his back when he's transformed.

Only a year after being an Elite Jounin, she was once again offered by the Kages for a promotion to Sannin. She, like before, refused. but the Tenkage told her to think about it first and so, she was given time before she gives her final response.

One time, Hina was astonished when the Tenkage suddenly challenged her to a one on one match against himself. Since it would be rude to refuse, she accepted the challenge. As the village heard of this, they were thrilled and interested. The battle was held publicly, in the forest of the Land of Light. The match didn't last too long, and Hina had once again tasted the bitterness of defeat. The Tenkage then reminded her of her past life before she entered the academy: being weaker than everyone else, never winning even a single fight, and having to depend on others for safety. Hina was then awakened and she truly realized what she had always wanted - be strong enough to protect everyone she loves. And so, after that match, she had accepted the offer of becoming a Sannin.


Few days after the match with the Kage, the Kage, himself, offered his position to Hina. Meaning, he was already giving her the position for Tenkage. The people agreed with his decision and they were even supporting him. Because ever since the match, they realized the fact that Hina was the most suitable for the position. However, Hina refused. Her reason was simple: she wants to be a Kage not because the Kage and the people wanted so, but because she deserves that position. She reasoned out that she wanted to challenge the Kage sometime for his position, and earn it by winning. But since she was defeated easily, she thought she still needed to get stronger.

And so, another week after, she asked for the Kage and the village's permission to leave Tenshi and train for 5 years, then be back and challenge the Kage. They agreed with her decision, but still acknowledge her as the next Tenkage as she left Tenshi.

She traveled far away, and finally met a new sensei through a tough fight in which she lost. She didn't know his name and preferred to be called "The Senjutsu Master". But since it's too long to say, she just called him "Sora" which means "Sky" because at that time, she can't even land a single punch, and so, she treated him as someone unreachable - like the sky. Sora was the one who taught her the art of Senjutsu or Sage techniques. Apart from that, he trained her every skill and ability, and even taught her a lot of S-rank techniques. She had also discovered that Ren, her pet, can be used as a summoned beast, so she also trained for that.

Only 2 years had passed since she left the village when she heard that Tenshi was under attack by an unknown village. Though she knew pretty well that the village can manage it themselves, she still feared that something like what happened to her teammates and sensei would occur again. She decided that it's time to go back. Sora agreed with her decision, but before she went, it was revealed that Sora was actually Senkoji Kirei, her former sensei's older brother, and that, he was told by Kai that someday Hina will be needing help to be stronger, and asked him to train her as his last request. After that, Hina departed back to Tenshi no Sato with new determination.

The very time she arrived at Tenshi, the village was at its peak of destruction. She then found out that Tenshi had experienced a lot of attacks before this unknown village. Some minor villages decided to take advantage of what the first minor village had done so they planned to take over Tenshi. The Angel Village had all triumphed the other villages assault, but it was weakening because of the simultaneous attacks. And so, with the help of Hina, the unknown village was driven back and Tenshi had once again claimed victory. The villagers were surprised with her appearance since they expected her to be back after 5 years, not 2 years. After that incident, they insisted her to already take the place as Kage, but Hina still refused. She challenged the Kage for his position, and the Tenkage willingly accepted. The match, like before, was held publicly in the forest of the Land of Light. But this time, with her advanced abilities and aid of Sage techniques, she had successfully achieved the Tenkage rank.


The youngest ninja to be a Kage at the age of 13, she had been known throughout her village as "The Legendary Rookie". Though she couldn't believe it herself, she had successfully gained the rank of Tenkage. However, she didn't know anything about being a kage,, and ended up relying on the former Tenkage. But, since the village is suffering a lot of attacks from minor villages, she thought of something to solve this problem because if that continued, Tenshi will eventually be conquered. Finally, she thought of a plan. She announced to the whole ninja world that she is the new Tenkage, and that the policy of Tenshi will now change. Previously, Tenshi is not sending ninjas as offense to those villages who declare an all out war against the village of Angels, but now, every village that goes against the peaceful life of Tenshi no Sato will be crushed to pieces until nothing remains of that village. She didn't actually mean that. She was just bluffing to scare the other villages since everyone knows that Tenshi no Sato is one of the main villages and is really capable of destroying a village if they wished to. So, it worked. From that day on, not even a single village attacked Tenshi, and she ruled the village peacefully for 2 years.

However, a tragic incident happened, which caused her to leave the village as a permanent missing-nin. A couple of people still don’t accept her as a Tenkage, not even a ninja. According to them, she shouldn’t even be allowed to live because of various reasons: “Zero”, Fallen Angel, and the Bijuu Nibi no Nekomata (which she hadn’t unleashed yet). But the villagers ignored those people, and Hina herself didn’t let herself be bothered. Because of this, those people were consumed with hatred that they decided to kill the whole Hikari Clan. But they weren’t able to fulfill it and had only managed to kill one person. However, that one person that they had killed was none other than Hina’s mother. When Hina found out, “Zero” came out, and destroyed every people who had planned killed her mother. Finally, before becoming unconscious after 3 minutes, she realized that whatever she does, no matter how hard she tries to please everyone, people will always, always, see her as someone dangerous, and its because of her that her loved ones are now gone.

The next day, she was no longer the Tenkage of Tenshi no Sato. She left the village, and met the leader of Anei-Kumo.

And so, the child born with the vivid-gold eyes, who was once weaker than everyone else, who possesses The Fallen Angel, and Nibi no Nekomata, and has 4 other personalities, is now the 16 yr. old S-rank missing nin of Tenshi no Sato known in the ninja world as “The Unbreakable Shield”.
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Hina Hikari
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