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 Usuke, The Chakra Master

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Yahiko Buki

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PostSubject: Usuke, The Chakra Master   Wed Mar 03, 2010 5:52 pm

General Information
Name: Buki, Usuke
Alias: Demon of the North
Rank: Jounin-A
Age: 19
Former Village:Tsuki no Sato
Reasons for Leaving: Usuke found himself in a predicament where he wanted to learn more jutsu and he also wanted to learn how to controll Raijuu.
Personality: Usuke could care less for others around him he only cared about retrieving all bijuu
Character's Suberobjective: To finish what the akatsuki started, capture the bijuu and destroy the villages into one empire.

Clan Information
Clan Name: Buki
Kekkai Genkai: Ni Buki
Clan History:

Fighting Styles/Elements
Character Element:
Sub: Fire
Advanced Element: Blaze-Enton, or Blaze Element, takes the form of Amaterasu based attacks and defenses. The usage of this elemental style has been utilized by Uchiha Sasuke. Because of its unique Doujutsu nature, it is unknown if elements are combined to form it.
Main Jutsu Type: Weaponry
Background: N/A {will be fixed later}
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Usuke, The Chakra Master
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