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 Setoshi Sōichirō (Editing Stage)

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Setoshi Sōichirō


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PostSubject: Setoshi Sōichirō (Editing Stage)   Wed Mar 03, 2010 12:16 am

 General Information
Name: Sōichirō, Setoshi
Alias: Seto, One of Three Legendary Ninja's 
Rank: S - Ranked
- Title: Sannin
Age: 21
Village: Tsuki no Sato

Height: 6'5

Weight: 148lbs

(Click the boxes for the pictures)

(Note* All in all, everything that Setoshi wears adds an extra 25 lbs to his own 148 lbs, yet he has been training with this for over two years so this is like carrying his own weight now)



Character's Suberobjective: 
-Setoshi's eventual goal is to live the life of a regular ninja, protecting the people that are close to him safe and out of danger by any means neccessary.

Clan Information
Clan Name: Nyuusui 
Kekkai Genkai:
 ☼ Ekiryougan - The Liquid Measuring Eye

Kinsei Ekiryougan - The Balancing Liquid Measuring Eye

Clan History:
--- Legend of the Nyuusui ---
[ - x - ]
"Do not be afraid; I am the first and the last."

The true legend and history of the Nyuusui is shrouded within mystery. Faded manuscripts and scrolls comprise most of that which remains of their almost ageless history. However, in recent years, a completed history of the Nyuusui has been introduced. It is titled the Tankoubon, which roughly translates to "The Book of Lectures". The Tankoubon holds extreme importance for the Nyuusui and it is currently responsible for most cultural and societal traditions and trends within the clan. Within the Tankoubon is states that, quite literally, the Nyuusui were founded from the dead. Azrael, The Angel of Death, is accredited as the original lengendary creator within the clan. The following is an excerpt from the Tankoubon:

"I have watched you since you were born
I wrote your name in my book as you came into this world
I have had an eye watching your entire life
See now, your name fades with time
And now you shall return from whence you came
Delivered from this mortal coil"

Azrael, The Angel of Death, existed for many years as human kind began to slowly thrive. However, a disturbance soon made itself clear. A woman with mysterious powers was reeking havoc upon the Earth, reducing the world to dust. Azrael confronted the woman, named Suphlatus, and questioned, " Why?" Suphlatus looked at Azrael, wary but not afraid, and responded, "Why not?" The ageless wisdom of Suphlatus was something to be admired. Azrael, understanding her powers to be a sign, requested that Suphlatus join him. Suphlatus agreed and became The Angel of Dust.

[ - x - ]
"Ashes to ashes, dust to dust..."

Suphlatus and Azrael coexisted for many, many years concerning themselves with the general affairs of humans. Suphlatus, however, soon became wary of the humans. They lived and thrived and little was turned to dust. Little could be controlled... Suphlatus began to exert more power upon the humans, causing droughts and famines until they recognized her much like they recognized Azrael. They, of course, were two parts of the same whole: death. The humans recognized Suphlatus, having forgotten that she was once of their kind, and began to pay homage to her. Soon, humans began to fear death. It turned their blood cold, their hearts to iron. Fear turned to pain and pain to anger. Another powerful, human appeared and he was called Af. He was responsible for many deaths. Azrael, much like before, came to Af and questioned, " Why?" Af looked at Azrael, enraged, and responded, "Because it is not enough." Azrael, again, understood that Af's powers were a sign and requested that Af join him and Suphlatus. Af agreed and became The Angel of Anger.

[ - x - ]
"Fear me, for I am pain manifested."

Humans began to destroy themselves because of anger. Af relished in his influence and the bloodshed. Suphlatus also enjoyed the spectacle. It had been such a long time since she had been near death and bloodshed. Suphlatus began to resent Azrael and in the interest of revenge, Suphlatus united with Af and had a child. The child grew and thrived under the direction of Suphlatus until he had aged to an appropriate level. The child was named Simikiel and one day Azrael came to him and asked, " Why?" Simikiel said nothing for a long moment before responding, "Because there is both good and evil." Simikiel, finally, joined the ranks of the others and became The Angel of Vengeance.

[ - x - ]
"Be warned for vengeance carries a double edged sword."

Countless years passed. The four Angels coexisted and found their particular niches in relation to one another and in relation to humankind. Suphlatus, Af, and Simikiel believed that no other disturbances would come;Azrael knew better. Within the blackness of humankind another Angel arose and Azrael met with him. His name was Raziel and Azrael asked, " Why?" With a rose in hand Raziel sent his piercing gaze toward Azrael and smirked, "Because this is only the beginning." Azrael valued his wisdom and understood that Raziel would be the last of their kind for many years. Azrael extended his call and Raziel answered it, becoming The Angel of Mysteries.

[ - x - ]
"Nothing is as it seems."

Raziel is regarded as the last of the Angels. Beyond this main tale of the creation of the Angels, the Tankoubon also reviews each of the Angels in detail and their relation to the Nyuusui. It is said that the five Angels selected a few humans from the Nyuusui and taught them their ways. From this initial separation the five sects of the Nyuusui developed. The Nyuusui, currently, have their main village of residence within The Fire Country. The Nyuusui then branch out to the other shinobi villages to pledge their strength. The Nyuusui, however, maintain ultimate allegiance to their clan village. The Nyuusui have maintained their power and will continue to do so for many years to come.

Fighting Styles/Elements
Character Element: 
Main: Fūton • Wind
Sub: Raiton • Lightning
Advanced Element: 
- Ekton • Liquids
Main Jutsu Type: Balanced


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Setoshi Sōichirō


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PostSubject: Re: Setoshi Sōichirō (Editing Stage)   Wed Mar 03, 2010 12:40 am


(Setoshi's History is broken up into to segments: The childhood that he truly went through and the false one implanted in his brain through the abilities of a Yamanaka member.

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Yahiko Buki

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PostSubject: Re: Setoshi Sōichirō (Editing Stage)   Wed Mar 03, 2010 12:11 pm

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PostSubject: Re: Setoshi Sōichirō (Editing Stage)   

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Setoshi Sōichirō (Editing Stage)
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