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 Senko Reiken

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PostSubject: Senko Reiken   Tue Mar 02, 2010 8:23 pm

General Information
Name: Senko Reiken
Alias: Dragon Heart/ Zanza (fighter)/ The Man With Evil On His Back
Rank: Kage
Age: 19
Village: Oni No Sato
Looks: Avatar
Personality: loves to fight, quiet, short temper
Character's Suberobjective: to protect those of his village

Clan Information
Clan Name: Byaringan Clan
Kekkai Genkai: Byaringan eyes
Clan History: a hyuuga and uchiha fell in love years ago and had two kids who had both bloodlines in one eye and later on they grew to both eyes, they have the objective to fight stronger opponents

Fighting Styles/Elements
Character Element:
Main: Fire
Sub: lightning and earth (jounin and kages usually have up to three)
Advanced Element: plasma (fire and lightning) and lava (fire earth)
Main Jutsu Type: mixed of ninjutsu and taijutsu


[center]the son of two jounin ninja his mother of the byaringan clan to give him his powers. he was the first born of three children at 9 he ran away or to be more correct was drafted because of his skills in taijutsu to serve in a war where his captain and best friend was killed and his head put on display.

later in his life in his 10th year he started to travel as a fight merchant to battle for money this made him alot of money but all went back to his poor family except expenses he needed to eat and sleep in hotels.

when 13 he arrived at oni no sato and enrolled he quickly passed and became a genin in a squad of 3 their captain was...kinda weird, he was the only one who didnt use a weapon but was designing his own weapon to use. they completed alot of missions together then went to the chuunin exams

during the chuunin exams he was severly beaten but he was premoted with his squad and a few others of his village he took missions and also helped sensei when they needed it but he was also kinda lazy.

2 years later and after alot of missions on his own he took the blueprints for his weapon to a welder and the weapon began to be made after that he signed himself up for the jounin exams and waited till that day. the day he passed

in his jounin role he was happy and free he traveled away from the village on missions and had his own squad to look after he treated them all like his own family he had turned 19 when he got word from his real family that made him feel deeply dead inside.

he asked the kage for a few weeks off and he was allowed apon leaving his friends from his squad and hugged him and his squad wished him a safe voyage as he left they said "there goes the man with evil on his back" as he walked all the way to the village of moonlight to visit his family and to attend his mothers funeral.

he was there as he watched his mom being carried in a full white kimono hands over her chest and a peaceful look on her face while he held his 16 year old sister and his 6 year old brother as his dad was watching crying softly as his wife was about to be buried. he paid his respects and spent time with his family before returning to the village

apon entering the village he was greeted by alot of people including his squad and his friends and even his old sensei the kage and after a welcome home party and some days to relax wishing his mother a happy afterlife he challanged the kage for his position his new weapon waiting for him but he didnt use it not once its only for emergencies

after a long battle he beat the kage but not without being terribley beaten up himself the kage retired knowing the young man of his old squad will be a great kage for the demon village but like all the other kage he doesnt wear the robe and hat instead he keeps the shirt on that he always wears open in the front so his chest and the wrap on his stomach can be shown. he has been in power for not too long but has helped everyone he can and has made his best friends his right hand ninja before one of them was killed on a mission by poison. He is known as dragon heart for his caring and as zanza the fight merchant in other villages but to the people of his village they know him only as "the man with evil on his back"
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PostSubject: Re: Senko Reiken   Wed Mar 03, 2010 2:42 pm

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Senko Reiken
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